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Our Team.

On any given day of the week you can find Monica or Deja at the shop servin up with either Faith or Charly. Our sweet Charly also works in down town Austin as a nurse, lets just say some of our regulars have adopted her as the shop nurse. Faith, we could go on and on about how cool our Faith is- from her taste in music to her taste in books but you'll only catch her here on the weekends as she makes sure to prioritize her education during the week. Last but surely not least is our Jim, have you ever had that friend that you knew you could rely on not only being there but also having a good time?! Well that's Jim, a great bartender and even better friend! 

Now that you know us, make sure to tell us a little about you when stopping in! 

Fun Fact: Every female member of our team roasts our beans so they are fresh and at the best quality.




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